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What is Arc?

Unique employee prescription benefits that save employers money while providing employees access to one of the largest national pharmacy networks.

The Problem We Solve

Employee prescription benefits represent a significant cost for most employers. Through technology, rebates, and unique specialty drug program offerings we provide benefits that keep both employers and employees happy.

Nationally, specialty drugs represent less than 2% of volume, but over 50% of total plan costs.

Specialty Drug Program

Specialty drugs represent a significant challenge and cost for every employer providing employee prescription benefits.

Our unique specialty drug program saves employers an average of 14% on these costs through the following:


Utilizing Unique Pharmacy Channels


Optimizing Co-Pay Assistance /
Coupons & Variable
Co-Pay Logic


Carving Out Certain High-Cost Medications & Using Concierge Services to Enroll Members in Alternative Programs

What We Offer

Employee Prescription Benefits


  • Customized Solutions
  • Leading Rebate Services
  • Transparent National Pharmacy Network


  • Mail Order Services
  • Robust Analytics + Reporting Platform
  • Online Member Portal


  • Specialty Pharmacy Programs
  • Clinical Services
  • Flexible Co-Pay Structures + Plan Design

Long-Term Care Program

Arc offers a unique solution for long-term care (LTC) operators that combines the benefits of lowering employee prescription costs with a software solution—in partnership with SRX—that lowers prescription drug costs for LTC residents.

In combination, this program offers operators the opportunity to significantly reduce their largest costs—labor and medication. Participants see an average saving of 14% on employee prescriptions and over 11% savings on pharmacy spend.

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